Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Right now, this is me:

I am a bezerk Megatron, bent on the destruction of everyone and everything that pisses me off. These days, that includes but is not limited to: people who support Pat Toomey, the Republican nominee for PA's third district who wants to drill [baby, drill] Lake Erie for oil JUST when it's starting to not look like complete shite; Lake Erie Dental, who still refuses to give me my crown to be cemented by another dentist on account of Sambuchino is a shady asshole who probably root canal'd the wrong tooth; "pro-life"rs who don't see murder of abortion providers as a conflict of ideology; family members who think it's perfectly okay that I'm in serious health care debt because otherwise, I'd become one of the "lazy, unmotivated, and looking for a handout" people they fear most (re: the poor and of color); and finally, Christians who have no concept of the bible as allegory nor of christ as a poor-loving, handout-giving socialist. All these people fill me with uncontrollable bezerk Megatron rage which can be ANYTHING but healthy. As children, we're taught patience is a virtue--as a uterus-haver, was and am still taught that patience is an eternally feminine quality. Naturally, this bezerk Megatron pisses me off as well.

Patience in and of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing; in fact, not flipping a shit over menial every day happenings is a pretty good way to avoid high blood pressure and serious stress-related illness later on in life. But the way in which we're socialized--girls specifically--to cling to the supposed righteousness of patience is complete and utter patriarchal bullshit. Statistically, women are far more prone to stress-related illnesses like Generalized Anxiety and mood disorders like Depression. Christ forbid I discount the biological, but the way in which girls are socialized to solve their problems--aka avoidance, repression, and anything else not direct and assertive--are obviously reflected in American social codes and mores.

Take my dentist, for example--bogart[t?]ing my crown despite several attempts on my part to get him to send it to a different dentist for over two weeks now because, according to the secretary, "he really doesn't want to do that." Now, can you EVEN IMAGINE that being done to middle-aged man, let alone someone who wielded a penis in general? I surely cannot. Despite calls I have made to my congresswoman, senator, District Attorney, insurance company and free legal services, I have yet to have an untemporary crown in my mouth.


I have had this dental pain not two weeks after I had a cavity filled by Scambo, which happened to be on 23 December 2009. Oh, and the reasoning behind my decision to get crowned elsewhere? Lake Erie Dental is facing insurance fraud charges on at least 17 accounts relating to the quality of the crowns used in root canals. Apparently, this douchebag is using substandard materials while charging primo bucks for top-of-the-line porcelain. Oh, and my favorite part? Upon examination by a different, markedly less shady dentist, it turns out that the tooth right behind the one that was root canal'd--the one that had been bothering me all throughout my duration in the UK--needs canal'd. It is my belief that Scambo extracted the wrong tooth in the hopes of making more money--which, according to consumer reports I've read online, has happened to more than just me.

In light of all that's happened, I've decided to be less patient when dealing with those that piss me off. It's a fine line to walk, I suppose, because I can be a bit of an incendiary individual; however, I'm not going to take other people's shit lying down anymore. Where I once was polite with the Lake Erie Dental staff, I refuse to be any longer--those bastards had a hand in this and they just don't deserve my patience. Especially not after seven months of pain, six weeks of permanenent crownlessness, and countless hours of phone calls, transfers, and being on hold.

I've had it with this motherfucking patience with this motherfucking dentist.