Saturday, December 29, 2012

living in a bell jar

sometimes I worry about all the social media I use, because once it’s out on the intertubes, it’s out, and it can’t be taken back.

with a click of a button, my inner thoughts, feelings, emotions and funny pictures of cats are up for grabs, and I wonder what that will mean for me in ten, twenty, however many years.

my thoughts don’t feel private.

as soon as I think a thought, I consider whether or not it’s Facebook-status worthy.

it’s usually not, but I do it anyway.

it’s catharsis I’m looking for, and since I’m not finding it in drugs, alcohol, therapy or repressed childhood memories, I keep writing, keep blogging, keep tumbling.

it helps, I think, because I get to say things that I don’t always feel brave enough to say in person.