Thursday, June 13, 2013


So I got a job, finally (which is not the sadpants part).
And aside from telling everyone and also the whole world, I texted Boy (Formerly) at Work, because he'd been the first person I'd discussed getting a non-Heatron job with (and he disclosed right back that he was also searching cause this place was like a less funny version of The Office).
Didn't occur to me that texting would be in any way inappropriate, as it was my understanding that we were friends. Maybe not best friends or super bros, but we conversed regularly, and he always liked my dorky t shirts.
And he kind of restored my faith in the goodness of the male gender, which sounds a little moony schoolgirly, and kind of is I suppose, but bottom line, I legitimately thought we were friends.
So I sent him, verbatim, "I got a job!!"
A few minutes later, I get a text from an unknown number with a "Who is this?"

(Sidenote: I really wanted to reply with Mushu's intro speech from Mulan:

And I was like, you texted me, who are you?
Reply: "Boy at Work's girlfriend, Fleurgenstein. Just curious why you were texting him."

Cause I got a job, and was indicating as such?
And furthermore, how the hell did you get my number?

But see, that's usually not how my brain works, so I replied right away with a "Oh, hi. We used to work together, and I was just letting him know that I got a different job, finally."


So that was a really weird violation of my privacy, and probably his too, though I guess that's not really my business.
I don't know if he even got the message, and I don't plan on communicating with him via text ever because I don't know if it'll be him I'm talking to or Violation-of-Privacypants.
I'd friend requested him on Facebook a couple weeks back, and I know he's not on it often, but I checked today, and he ignored the request.
If he didn't want to be friends, that's fine, but I feel like I was given every indication that we WERE friends, until pretty much now.
And I don't know if I did something inappropriate or wrong--fairly certain I did not, but as it is difficult for me to navigate social protocols, it's always a possibility.
My hunch is that girlfriend doesn't like me, or I suppose more specifically, doesn't like that I am a girl (we've had a couple run-ins that were kind of awkward).
And you know? If you can't be friends with females whilst in a relationship, that is just sad.
In the end, it's really his loss, because I'm awesome, and you would have to be a dummy to abscond my friendship based on my reproductive organs.
I am still kind of sad though, because I get sad when I can't understand things, or when people ignore or avoid me instead of explaining things.