Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The good news is I'm probably graduating.
Bad news is I don't have a future for the next year.
Am goin home for to regain the sanity before I keep on keepin with school.
But like.
I am ALL the not sanity pants.
Have been lookin at long-term treatment facilies for PTSD, and insurance and parental unit willing, am gonna try and go to one.
How to 'splain that to everyone who's going to be like, wtf, why did you up and leave home for like a month and disappear of the face of the Facebook earth, y u no post all the cat pictures and women's rights stuffs?
And I have ALL the loans.
And ALL the illness.
And NONE of the financial resources.
Is a not good thing to be in the socioeconomic pits and ill.
Sometimes I worry that I will be homeless, which is the main reason I want to has treatment center NAU instead of living in a shopping cart with a tin foil hat LATER.
So I think as long as I can has treatment, den I can has wellness later on in life.
And I think that might just be a little naive, but right now, it's the thing that is getting me through most of my days.
When I go back to school, I set fire to all the structural violence.
For now, I just try and take care of me.